Custom Machines

  • Cost-Effective Assembly Design, Machine Modifications & Rebuilding
  • Low Volume Manual Assembly
  • Semi-Automated Assembly
  • High- Volume Fully Automated Assembly


We can build automation and run your manufacturing line at our facility while we monitor and control the quality of the product. We can then package it and ship to the end user or to your facility. We can assign operators to your production line should you have secondary or multiple operations to perform on the product.

CNC Machining

All custom made components for the machines we build are manufactured at our facility. Our machine shop is equipped to manufacture custom parts from your CAD files or we can design the parts for you and run from one to as many parts as required. Milling, turning, grinding, to as close tolerance as required.

System Documentation

The system you receive from Automation Tech Support is fully documented. You receive a complete bill of material along with supporting documentation of all purchased components. Wiring diagrams and PLC programs are fully debugged and updated to reflect every wire and every line of code written, to insure that your maintenance department has all current documents to support the system. You receive a complete spare parts list to equip you with any items that may require replacement in the future. Automation Tech Support can supply these items for you.

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